About Us

Why I decided to start SkyProxies

The reasoning is because of the small selection when it comes to proxy. Not another company that sells data by the GB has our size of proxy pool. It's best for security as VPN's sell your data. We needed a better way to securely transfer data. My goal is to help end tracking. Big companies like Google and Facebook are always Involved in fraudulent schemes. A very good example of this in the Cambridge Analytical scandal. When you check that I agree box you single handily sign you soul and privacy away. These companies make billions and billions of dollars from advertising. How do people pay this much if it doesn’t work? That’s because it does work. From all the data they collect. Regardless if it’s from your search history, your recent watched videos or even how you interact on a website. All of that information is stored to help sell you things that don’t you need. Facebook is a big company is this space. Google is more related to search ads. So there’s a bit less tracking but although they both have the same which is selling you things you don’t know. Help take your privacy back. That is why I created SkyProxies. You can anonymously browse the web from anywhere and appear to be from anywhere with just 1-click.